Please read what our clients are saying.

Excellent. The staff of We Check On You go beyond the call of duty; nothing is like the service they provide. They have helped me get the things that I needed to live independently and feel safe continuously. Their services have allowed me to go shopping, go out to lunch and do some of the things that I used to do before my disabilities.

senior Calling Services - We Check on YOU

It is a relief and a comfort to know that my mother receives a daily call since I live in another area and cannot make long-distance calls daily. My mother looks forward to the calls.

I used the services of We Check On You for two months, while I was away working, to call my father. This was a big help and a great relief for me that someone would call him daily. My father was pleased with the calls.

I have a 73-year-old aunt, who had surgery on her knee several years ago. She can not bend her knee; she has fallen in the house a few times. Her concern is loneliness, and something might happen to her, and no one would know. The daily calls make her feel better and not so lonesome.

It is a great comfort to know someone knows I am safe and where I am. I tend to forget my medication, so this no longer happens because I am reminded, thanks to the staff of We Check On You. They are a blessing.

What a great service to have; my kids are busy, and I don’t talk to them much, except sometimes on weekends. I have my church family, and I go out maybe three times a week. So it is nice to talk to someone to make sure I am okay.

I live alone, and I have no family. I got the flu real bad and felt that I needed someone to check on me daily if I got worst. The calls really did help, and I decided to keep the service since I was so alone.