We Check On You

Rose Toney, president of We Check On You, has over 25 years in the Health Care Industry. She has held responsible management positions, including, but not limited to customer service, planning, marketing and technology. In 1996, she conceived the idea of We Check On You, a personal telecommunications company whose mission is to assist elderly, convalescent, those who have no family, or who live alone in their quest for independence by offering reassurance and reminders on a daily basis. This personal services is available for caretakers if and when they are unable to contact loved ones in an ongoing and timely manner. We Check On You was born out of a personal family need for communicating on a daily basis with an elderly grandmother and aunt who are independent, and live alone in other states.

Service providers make telephone calls to clients reminding them to take their medicine, and routinely ascertain their state of well being. We Check On You provides assurance and comfort that a friendly, courteous and reliable service provider is only a telephone call away. To meet the needs of a diversified community, our service providers are also fluent in Spanish, Chinese, and Russian and are available upon request.

We Check On You


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